The original Fast and Furious watch party.

What's going on?

What's new this Fastcon?

FastCon* is a celebration of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Chat and watch the first 8 movies together with Greg and Selena, one film each night. Then join us for the new Fast 9 movie on opening day.


One movie each night

Let's watch these movies together!

You haven't seen any of these movies? You are unclear of how that makes you feel? Is that smugness or FOMO? Well, play it safe and catch up with us. We will watch parts one through eight leading up to the viewing of Fast 9 on opening day, June 25th. So let's watch this together.

All movies start at 8:00pm and are accompanied by a Prime Video Watch Party and likely live tweeting using the hashtag #fastcon

Reserve your spot

Seating is Extremely Limited!

The first eight nights of Fastcon will be online first, so plan to join in the Prime Video Watch Party (so... rent your copy of the film thorugh Prime Video).

On opening day of Fast 9, Greg and Selena have rented out a theatre for #Fastcon in the movie theatre in Arundel Mills mall. Despite reserving a whole theatre, seating is still limited, so if you want to take the day off work on the 25th and join in the private screening, let Greg or Selena know ASAP.